About Simon

Self-Improvement Enthusiast and Martial Artist.

Who Am I

Swiss Soldier
Martial Artist
Former Metal Worker
Owner of a Small Gym

What I Love To Do

Train Martial Arts
Lift Weights
Be Outdoors
Read Books

Simon niklaus

How It All Started…

I was born in Switzerland in 1999 and am the middle of three sons. Ever since childhood, I have been fascinated by everything related to combat. I read fantasy warrior novels, constructed crossbows, and wrestled with my classmates.

Growing up with the most wonderful mother but without a father, I had to learn and figure out some important aspects of life by myself, which is why I was drawn to what people nowadays call Self-Improvement from an early age.

At 12, I trained in martial arts for the first time. Starting with Wing Chun and Eskrima, I quickly realized that I was drawn to full contact, and so I found my way into Judo and later Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai boxing, and MMA. Additionally, I started with functional strength training and discovered my passion for health and fitness.

When I was 20 years old, I served my mandatory military duty in the special forces of the Swiss military police. Our focus was on personal protection and hostage rescue. Currently, I am a full-time student, train martial arts or lift weights on the side and spend a few weeks in the military every year.

Besides that, I like to ride my bike, read books, or go climbing in the Swiss Alps with my older brother (that’s him in the middle picture).

With this website, I want to share the best Self-Improvement tips with everybody who wants to enhance his/her fitness, mindset, and, ultimately, happiness.

Simon Niklaus
Simon Niklaus
Simon Niklaus

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